Our video production company in collaborates with clients from a broad range of industries. From real estate and tourism to
fitness and businesses, we have the videography and production expertise required to impress your audience.

Our video production company in Sydney works hard to understand the objectives of your brand and your business. We have proven systems and processes to produce the professional web video or commercial you need to get noticed.

Our drone specialists in Sydney offer Real Estate agents with the opportunity to show off the best of what their properties have to offer. With Airborne Studio, you can choose to showcase your property with a stunning bird’s eye view experience or expertly filmed ground footage. Our goal is to make properties come to life, increasing sales opportunities through inspirational imagery.

The travel and tourism industry is very competitive and when it comes to showcasing the best of what you have to offer, there is no better way to inspire than with a beautifully filmed and produced masterpiece. Leave it to our video production company experts, as we entice your audience through the magic of aerial videography and tourism film production.

The fitness industry is booming, so to keep you up with the pack, the team at Airborne Studio will make you stand out. Our professional crew of drone videographers in Sydney know how to frame and uncover the aesthetics of dynamic motion. Whether you are after a simple work out video, extreme rock-climbing collaboration or thrilling rugby grand final footage, we know how to create heart-pounding visuals for fitness lovers, athletes and sporting teams alike.

An aerial vantage point can certainly offer great benefits to construction projects of all sizes, with drone technology supplying valuable data on real-world conditions. Our drone videographers in Sydney will collect the video, photos and data that your project requires. From initial design surveys and construction updates to safety and environmental evaluation, our drones can be utilised across the entire project lifecycle.


Our drone video production company has had the privilege of working with the following clients: