02 Jan 2019

Airborne experts in aerial filming in Sydney with tips to safely fly your drone

Here at Airborne, we know that drones are becoming increasingly popular the world over. However, with this popularity comes problems.

Numerous incidents involving drones have made the news and not for the right reasons. This gives drone operators, both recreational and commercial a bad rap, although most people do follow the rules.,

Since 2012, the number of both commercial drones and recreational drones flying in the sky has risen dramatically and so to have the number of incidents.

Here our drone specialists in Sydney share 5 rules you need to follow if you are to fly a drone:

- Follow Australian safety rules: CASA states - ‘A person must not operate an unmanned aircraft in a way that creates a hazard to another aircraft, another person, or property.’ CASA

- Take care of your battery: Being a lithium battery, if they are in any way dropped or damaged, they are at a high risk of starting a fire and becoming a very dangerous hazard. A battery that is in anything other than perfect condition, should be exposed of.

- Don't fly near an emergency: Fly responsibly and keep your drone away from the emergency services so they can focus on doing their job. You may be putting other lives in danger if your drone gets in the way, and the penalties are severe.

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