11 Jan 2019

Drone videographers in Sydney share the benefits of filming with drones

Here our drone production company in Sydney explain that there are many advantages that drone videography and photography can offer to advertising or marketing campaigns, sporting events, movies and more!

Airborne Studio, drone videographers in Sydney explain just some of the benefits of using a drone over traditional videography and photography methods:

  1. Drones are versatile: Due to their size, and unlike a manned aircraft – drone use means being able to fly into areas that were not possible before, with the capability of flying a few centimetres from the ground and up to 300 feet in the air!
  2. Drones are faster: With a small and experienced team, our drone specialists in Sydney say explain that we can be up and running in about 5 minutes.
  3. Drones offer quality: Technological innovations mean drones are able to shoot in full HD and capture amazing aerial footage, 4K resolution and higher, all the while not sacrificing any quality.
  4. Drones can be used across all industries: Besides being used for film production and news broadcasting, drones can be used across all industries such as construction, sports, real estate and tourism. Contractors are using them to aid in the assessment of a new project. Drone footage gives prospective clients a different insight with the ability to draw 3D maps.
  5. Drones offer minimal interference: Drones are very quiet which makes them perfect for nature shots and those shoots which require minimal noise disruption.

Sure, aerial videography has been around for many years, but back in the day, film makers used helicopters or planes to capture the videos to capture shots from above. Filming with helicopters and planes was extremely expensive, taking much more man power overall to come up with the results that can be achieved by experienced drone operator today.

Drones can capture imagery in places that other cameras cannot. Because there is such a variety of drones and drone sizes available, there is almost nothing that a drone, operated by the best drone videographer in Sydney can’t do!

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