18 Jan 2019

Airborne Studio share the benefits of using aerial filming in Sydney for your wedding

Filming from the air offers a wider reach, giving you breathtaking views and a vantage point like no other. For this reason, drones offer the perfect way to capture all that is magical about your special day!

Ready to up the ante for your wedding? Our professional drone videography experts explain the benefits of hiring a drone for your wedding:

- Drones offer a bird's eye view of the entire ceremony and reception as well as the surrounding area for a unique perspective, so it's perfect for outdoor or destination weddings. Capture the rising and setting sun as well as the beautiful surrounding scenery!

- Aerial videography allows for more creative shots as well as being able to capture an entire aerial shot from the time the bride steps out of the limo.

- You are guaranteed an uninterrupted view as there won’t be anyone will be stepping in front of the camera.

- An experienced drone operator such as our experts in aerial filming in Sydney can film both indoors and outdoors, covering the moment the bride gets out of the car, through to her walk down the aisle.

Find out more about our drone videography services in Sydney by contacting the team at Airborne Studio today.